What is Responsible Gaming?

One of the most important goals of gambling is safe entertainment and winning money. The game should be an activity that provides pleasure and fun, allowing the enjoyment of its eminently playful component, and should not be considered a means of obtaining income, much less a way of life, since the results depend on luck, and therefore, no guaranteed return.

Despite the different rules, some people become influenced by the games and start spending all their resources uncontrollably. Responsible Gaming is nothing more than a set of preventive measures and tools that allow gamblers to make a conscious decision about gambling, thus ensuring their well-being and maintaining the playful and fun component of gambling activity.

If you are experiencing reckless gambling and it is affecting your daily life, consider setting Personal Limits by opting for Self-Exclusion.

Personal Limits Control

If you have begun to feel a bad impact or just want to protect yourself and your actions, our platform offers you to use the personal limits feature. This means that on your personal account at any time you can request limits on the amount of input, bets, losses, and on your account in general. This will allow you to have maximum control and manage your money wisely. In order to activate this function, go to your personal account in the Personal Limits section.

According to your requests, you can always change the amount of the limit upwards, however, if you want to reduce it, first you will need to wait for the expiration of the previous limit and confirm this action via the email associated with your account. This is for your safety, in case the player feels uncomfortable and makes a rash decision. Below you can see the different limits you can set.

Deposit Limit

Set a deposit limit for periods such as a day, a week, or a month.

Loss Limit

Set a loss limit for any period like a day, a week, or a month. This will allow you to stop if you continue to play without winning. However, please note that the loss depends on your deposit, not your winnings. So for example with a limit of 20 euros and a deposited amount of 80 euros, even if you win, you can still lose money.

Wager Limit

Set a limit on the amount you can bet per day, week, or month.

Cooling-Off Limit

Unlike the previous limits, it is set for your entire account. Your account will be blocked and you will not be able to deposit money, place bets, participate in promotions, and so on. However, you can still withdraw money from your account. Your account will be activated as soon as the limitations period ends.

Self-Exclusion Limit

You can completely block your account. The difference from the freeze limit is that you will not be able to withdraw the money left in your account. At the end of the limit period, your account will be activated again.
In case of questions or problems, please contact our support team at [email protected].

Self-Exclusion by Request

The Player may, at any time, opt out of our services temporarily or indefinitely. Contact our support team [email protected] if you want to stop gambling on our site. Once your order has been placed and your Player account has been suspended (temporary self-exclusion) or canceled (indefinite self-exclusion), no bets can be accepted and you will no longer receive promotional communications from us.

Protection of Minors from Gambling

Minors are considered a vulnerable target audience, which is why they must be protected and kept away from gambling activities.

Why the concern for minors?

  • They have less control over their impulses;
  • They are less aware of the risks associated with taking action;
  • They have a greater illusion of control and gain;
  • They have a greater illusion about predicting results;
  • They are less open to criticism or advice and more resistant to awareness campaigns;
  • They may be more likely to resort to gambling as a way to compensate for feelings of isolation.

Although our games are only intended for adults, advertising and information relating to them are accessible to all audiences, including minors. It is therefore up to parents and educators to explain the information received, clarifying that cash games are only for people over 18. To help protect your children, you can use these services: CyberPatrol, GamBlockĀ®, Solid Oak Software, and Net Nanny.

External Help

If you need help, please contact these organizations for support and/or consultation: Gamblers Anonymous, GamCare, Gambling Therapy.